Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will it last?

A few days from'll reach 5 years...we have been together for 5 years..if someone get married at that time, they'll have at least 2 it is almost 5 years...somethings happen and now it is a uncertain relationship. something that i can't see the this time i always positive in what i do. but now... its just like ~~

5 years is the time that people will think of getting engaged or married but i don't know about me. will this relationship last till the end of my life? will it change from bf n gf to husband n wife??

who can answer that?'

no one...i don;t really i too busy with my work? no...

will this last?when i looked at the picture that was edited by me few month ago..i really miss that time...why i have to edit our pic? well...because we don't have picture together. if i want to have pic with him...i'll have to edit my pic n his pic using it sound pathetic? hehehe... will just improve my skill in photoshop..hehehe..i luv photoshop...
ok back to the topic...I JUST HOPE THIS WILL LAST FOREVER N 2 jinjang pelamin..hehehe
p/s: bukan gatal nak kawen cuma xnak terus hidup dalam ketakpastian...


  1. em..semoga akak cpay2 kawin..icee po nak masuk 5 thun jugak:)

  2. yeke..mekasih..aminn..hehehe...perancangan ade tapi nak kene cari duit dulu la kan..xkan nak harap duit hantaran je kan..hehehe..