Saturday, October 2, 2010

Story of X

recently I listened and there's one topic that is quite interesting
"What if your current boyfriend/girlfriend still keeping the gift from his/her ex?"
a lot of people respond to the topic..there's one guy said that it's ok if his girlfriend still keep bracelet from her x becoz it is her life n she has the gentle...hahha

there's one guy that said"100% not agree...he said that why must she remember the past?just built new memory with your current..then the DJ said that..if she keep earing from her x, what should he do?...he said that just chuck out the earing..i'll buy new pair 4 her"....hehehe...

there's girl that said her boyfriend cannot keep his x gift but she can keep her x's double standard...
a lot of character..hahaha.
by the way...i enjoy listen to the morning show....


  1. i like dis issue amy..huhuu..i still keeping the gift from my ex..but dont remember in which box..hopefully anai2 dh mkn dat box..heheee

  2. too..not actually x la..almost..hehehe..still keep his gift..a CD actually was made specially for sayang nk buang..hehe