Monday, May 23, 2011

English Exhibition - Global Awareness Day

ok..I might be a little late in updating my blog about this know, as long a I update my blog, it's ok right?
hehehe...its been a while since i speak n communicate in english..for the last phase of the english proficiency course for non-optionist teacher, we have to conduct an exhibition about global awareness, there are 5 groups of us that will have different theme for the exhibition.

: dance around the world, festival around the world, outdoor activities, places of interest and food aroung the world.

for my group, we have to conduct an exhibition about food around the world, so..for the demo, we decided to make a demonstration about how to make Waldorf salad. 

we choose the salad because it is easy to prepare, tasty and it is originated from New York City. this salad was created by the dining room manager of Waldorf astonia hotel in new York city in 1896. so it is interesting..
at the end..i'm so glad that everyone love my Salad...hehehe

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