Friday, April 15, 2011

My Group Members's Haiku

During this English proficiency course for non-optionist teacher in Tampin District, we have learn a lot of things.
In a group, we have managed to make our own haiku individually. so, here I attach my group members' haikus. this are all our first attempt in creating a haiku..

Hidayati's Haiku; Dragonflies
I'm a dragonflies,
I has beautiful body
Can fly anywhere

Naza's Haiku; Centipede
I have many legs
My sting is poisonous
Who am I?guess me.

Won's Haiku; Good day
It is a good day
The Sun is shinning brightly
We are so happy

Lim's Haiku; The Wind
The wind is blowing
Flew away the people's hat
The wind blews strongly

And last but least, my haiku which was posted yesterday but still i want to post it here as a group because we are group of 5 and it wouldn't be complete if my haiku is not included right? "perasan".
Ok, now...

Amy's Haiku (thats me); Autumn
When trees shed their leaves
The field will become brownish
The air breeze is cold

so..that all 5 haikus...this was really the first time for us creating a haiku. if u look at it, first u will is easy to create just three lines of poem right? but the trickiest part is that u have to do it in 5-7-5 syllables. that was the hardest thing.  because everytime i think of a sentence, it either not enough syllable or more...but after a few trial, i manage to do about 3 haikus and i think, i still have to improve the sentence structure to make a heautiful and memorable haiku
So now..i think you all is able to create your own haiku..Do try it..its really fun..its a fun way of writing. you will love writing after this..
try it ok (^__^)

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