Thursday, October 16, 2008

Career in Physics

The work of physicists has a massive impact on the quality of life through the design, evaluation and the manufacture of a multitude of essential goods and processes such as industrial and household materials, medical technologies, laser processing, sensors, and advanced materials with specific properties for modern technology.
Rapid advances in high technology areas such as laser systems engineering, telecommunications, optoelectronics or medical applications demonstrate the unique importance of Physics to our lives and the imagination of Physicists. The degree also allows them to pursue postgraduate studies in physics and related areas.

Some of the possible career roles are outlined in the list below.

Physician (doctor)
Power Engineers
Reactor operator
Research Scientist
Science Writer
Solar physicist
Solid State Physicists
Space physicist
Teaching Physicists
Theoretical Physicists
Industrial Physicist
Materials Scientist
Mathematical Physicists
Mechanical Engineers
Medical Ph.D.
Nuclear Physicists

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